Who Makes Craftsman Chainsaws and Other Major Brands?

If you are into power tools, you often wonder who manufactured or made them. For sure, you must be asking the same thing for Craftsman Chainsaws, who makes them? Echo? Makita? Husqvarna? Black+Decker? Dewalt? Or Ryobi? But, before we get into that type of details, first let us discuss its history to better understand.

Craftsman is a powerful tool brand that comes with proud and long history. It has undergone numerous changes and ownership. Hence not all would know who really makes the Craftman chainsaws. There are some rumors that it is Poulan, while others would say its Sears. However, neither Poulan nor Sears are 100 percent real owners. In fact, it is only partially true for Poulan.

Nowadays, with numerous brands that are being sold in the market, it is almost impossible to be loyal to one particular brand which is one of the many reasons why there are numerous corporate buy-outs, outsourcing manufacturers and mergers. Hence, our question now is how do we know who really makes chainsaws or other power tools that we often use? This question is also often asked when it comes to Craftsman chainsaws.

Craftsman History

The Craftsman has long been associated with Sears, but, the brand has also been linked with Kmart, one of the largest and trusted company that has been behind trusted, quality affordable tools. According to some, Sears bought Marion-Craftsman Tool Company for $500 and has registered that name under a Sears owned trademark.

Since the beginning, it is important to take in mind that Sears never manufactured Craftsman tools and over the years, there have been several manufacturers that have made tools that would fit Sears design specifications including New Britain, Easco Hand Tools, Stanley and many more.

In January 2017, Craftsman was sold to Stanley Black & Decker. However, Sears has retained its royalty free rights to Craftsman trademark for 15 years. Take in mind, that Stanley Black & Decker also owns the Husqvarna Group of Companies.

Who Makes Craftsman Chainsaws?

With Craftsman being associated with Husqvarna group, it would be logical to think that Husqvarna is the one making the Craftsman chainsaws. This would not be a bad idea as Husqvarna, after all is highly trusted and reliable manufacturer of high quality chainsaws. This assumption is partly true as most part is made by Husqvarna.

However, many has been questioning this as Craftsman chainsaws are highly similar to Poulan and Poulan Pro chainsaws. There are some components seen to be identical. Hence, the question, what is the connection between Poulan and Craftsman arose. Well, the common denominator boils down to Husqvarna. Husqvarna owns Poulan and Poulan Pro brands.

The unique difference between these companies is that Craftsman chainsaws ensure that their product bears the Incredi-pull logo created by MTD. MTD is a company that manufactures components and products for Troy-Bilt and Bolens.

In reality, Craftsman chainsaws are created by different sources but are predominantly by Husqvarna. Yes, the production of Craftsman has always been outsourced but one thing is for sure and that is the Craftsman brand will be a mainstay of Sears hardware department for at least 15 years.

About Chainsaw Brands

Knowing who created your chainsaw and who owns the brands are important details you should know. Knowing the brand will help us know if the chainsaw will suit our needs and budget as well. Aside from that, you could be assured if the product is efficient, reliable and if its performance is impressive.

Unfortunately, most of us do not know who assembles and create our chainsaws as there are even some individuals who would say that it does not matter as it does not make any difference- everything anyway is made in China. With this, I beg to differ. Though most products are assembled in one country, its components could be sourced from different countries.

In fact, in the 1960s and 70s, Japanese manufacturers would do business or open up to companies in the US and Europe. The reason behind this is, for one, to avoid paying extra taxes. Though back then, Japanese manufacturing have been seen as below US, Germany and Sweden, after a while they were able to compete with established brands.

Nowadays, Japanese, Korean and European manufacturers have settled their headquarters and designing facilities in the US which is not surprising as US is one of the biggest market in the world.


Husqvarna are legends in the industry. They own quite a number of chainsaw and power tool brands such as Craftsman, Gardena, Poulan, Klippo, McCulloh, Diamant Boart and many more. However, Husqvarna is owned by Stanley Black & Decker.

Husqvarna started in Sweden as a weapons manufacturer owned by the Swedish government. They, then expanded their operations by manufacturing sewing machines, kitchen equipment and bicycles. In 1903, the company has also started manufacturing motorcycles. In 1947, they

also went into manufacturing gas-powered lawnmowers and in 1959, they have launched their first chainsaw.

As Husqvarna’s business grew, the need to expand their manufacturing plants became a necessity. Hence, they have located some of their manufacturing plants in Sweden, Western Europe, USA and China. The high end products which are usually the most expensive are made in Sweden or the US. As for the components, mostly are sourced from China and Brazil.

Who Makes Makita Chainsaws?

Makita is a Japanese power equipment manufacturer which started as an electric retailer. This company has been established in 1958 and is known to be the first Japanese power tool manufacturer who has established in US. In 1985, Makita has produced products in the US and they are currently headquartered in La Miranda, CA and their manufacturing, distribution and training center are located in Buford, GA. They also have distribution center in Mt. Prospect, IL and Dallas Texas.

Though their chainsaws are only small part of their business, Makita is known as one of the best and well-trusted brand.

Who Makes Echo Chainsaws?

Echo was an importer of Kioritz 2-stroke engines from Japan. They started back in 1972 in Northbrook, IL and in 1978, the company has been renamed as Echo Incorporated. They have expanded into manufacturing and assembling products in Illinois in 1979.

Echo started with garden and power equipment and they have become well-known manufacturer of quality trimmers and chainsaws including other power tools. Echo products are made from combination of local and imported materials.

Who Makes Black & Decker Chainsaws?

Founded in 1910, the Black & Decker Corporation came from humble beginnings as a small machine shop. It became famous, popular and has grown into a global giant. It has started to design handheld drill in 1917 and since then, they have become a household name in terms of electric equipment and appliances.

In 2010, Black & Decker merged with tool industry, Stanley and has become the Stanley Black & Decker. Aside from owning Husqvarna Group, they also own Craftsman, Poulan and DeWalt.

This company comes with numerous subsidiaries which have made a huge name all over the world. Their cheaper products are made in China. However, their components are sourced from different countries such as Japan, USA, Western and Eastern Europe and other Asian countries.

Who Makes Ryobi Chainsaws?

This company started selling die cast and printing in 1943. Ryobi is a Japanese company which became famous in the 60s and 70s. They are known to have interests in technology and telecommunications. Ryobi is also owned by Techtronic Industries who is a Hong Kong power tool manufacturer. Ryobi power tools are affordable, entry level tools for home use.

Who Makes DeWalt Chainsaws?

DeWalt is another well-known tool brand in the US. Raymond DeWalt has founded this company in 1923 and has invented the radial arm saw. DeWalt has been one of the earlies innovators of woodworking tools. In 1960, Black & Decker bought DeWalt brand and promoted high end value products. DeWalt replaced the Premier Black & Decker Professional range in 1992.

Stanley Black & Decker has numerous power tool brands. However, DeWalt is their flagship brand. DeWalt has seven manufacturing facilities in the US and numerous in China and Mexico. Their products that are manufactured in the US have a made in US with Global materials logo. Cheaper products however are made in China.

Who Makes Hitachi Chainsaws?

Hitachi is a popular, well-known Japanese company which started in 1910. Their headquarters is located in Japan and their business ranges from electronics to communications to social infrastructure to financial services. They also manufacture electric equipment, Though Hitachi is a very well-known brand and company, they still come second to Makita in terms of producing power equipment.

Hitachi comes with international subsidiaries but their products are mainly made in Japan. As for their Chainsaws and power equipment, Hitachi offers limited product range. Though that is the case, you could be assured that all of them are of high quality standard. Hitachi has formed partnerships with other Japanese multinational companies such as Honda and Mitsubishi.


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