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What Tools Are Made in the USA?

Most consumers put weight on where products are made and manufactured. In fact, a lot would prefer to purchase products that are made in the United States. If you are one of them, you came to the right place as through this article, we shall feature several companies which manufactures their products in the US. 

What Tools Could Say “Made in the USA”? 

As of June 2020, the FTC have announced notice of proposed rulemaking for made in the USA labeling rule. They are prohibiting marketers from making MUSA claims on labels unless:

  • Final assembly or processing of product occurs in the United States
  • All significant processing is done in the United States 
  • All ingredients or materials/components are made and sourced in the United States. 

Here are the companies which products are made in the US.

Briggs & Stratton 

They are headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They are considered as one of the largest producer of gasoline engines for outdoor power equipment. They also design and manufacture power generators, lawn and garden, pressure washers, turf care and job site products. 85 percent of their products are made in the US and some of its components are globally sourced. 


Channellock launched back in 1886. It is now being run by fifth generation of DeArment family. They have two facilities in Meadville, PA and they employ more than 350 full-time employees. This company produces about 75 different types and sizes of pliers. 

Crescent Tool 

This company caters the brands Wiss, H.K. Porter, Jobox and Crescent Tools. They produce tools such as Crescent H.K. Porter 14” PowerPivot Center Cut Double Compound Action Bolt Cutters and Crescent JOBOX Crossover Truck Box and JOBOX chests

Cub Cadet 

Cub Cadet manufactures lawn and garden equipment in the US. They have facilities in Ohio, Mississippi and Tennessee.

DeWalt, Craftsman, Stanley and Black& Decker

Stanley Black and Decker has numerous brands under them. They have about 48 manufacturing facilities in the US and they employ about 18000 US workers and make products in the US. Their materials are sourced globally. 


ESTWING is family owned company which manufactures claw hammers, axes, specialty tools and pry bars. They manufacture their hammers and hatchets in Rockford Illinois. 

Forrest Manufacturing Company 

This company has been founded in 1946 by Albert Walter Forrest. It is based in New Jersey. Currently, the company is still family-owned and are being operated by the mentioned family. They produce and manufacture blades and dado. 

FLIR Systems 

This company is based in Wilsonville, Oregon and Arlington, Virginia. They have started back in 1978 and have produced high performance thermal imaging systems for airborne applications. They have manufacturing facilities in Goleta, California, North Billerica, Massachusetts, Bozeman, Montana, Stillwater, Oklahoma, Freeport, PA, Oak Ridge, Tennessee and West Lafayette, Indiana. They have about 1,600 employees in United States. 


Generac was founded in 1959. They are the first company that has produced affordable home generators. They are known to be the largest portable generator manufacturer in North America. 

In 1996 the company has expanded and has opened a manufacturing plant in Eagle, Wisconsin. They also have a 135,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Whitewater, Wisconsin. 


This company employs US workers and has seven manufacturing facilities in the US. This company supplies metal fabricated products, components, sub-assemblies and weldments. They have about 300 products that they manufacture. 

Hardcore Hammers 

Hardcore Hammers have been launched by two brothers who could not find high quality hammers. Their company have been manufacturing hammers, hatchets and axes in Shawnee, KS. 

Hobart Welding Products 

This company is a sister company of Miller Electric. They are both owned by Illinois Tool Works. They produce products for welders and they have a manufacturing plant in Appleton, WI. 

Ideal Industries

Started in 1916. This company has brands such as Casella, Anderson Power Products, Wavetek, SK Tools and Cree Lighting under them. They have about 6000 SKUs and they offer products such as Wire-But Wire Connectors, Yellow 77 Wire Pulling Lubricant and T-Stripper Wire Strippers. They also produce screwdrivers and they have manufacturing plants in Illinois, Colorado and Pennsylvania. 

John Deere 

This company has been founded in 1837. They are manufacturing advanced products, technology and services for agriculture and construction. Their most famous products are Gator Utility Vehicles and X-Series Lawn Tractors at Horicon, WI factory. They also produce 100 Series Lawn Tractors, S240 Lawn Tractors and Z300 & Z500 Zero Turn Mowers at their Greeneville TN factory. 

Johnson Level

They are based in Mequon, WI. They have been producing leveling, marking and layout tools for over 70 years. They have over 70 SKUs made in America. 

Klein Tools 

Back in 1857, Klein Tools was founded in the US. They have 4 manufacturing facilities in the US and are continuously been expanding. 

Made in the USA Knife Manufacturers

Benchmade Knives

This company is based in Oregon. It has been founded by Les de Asis in 1987 and they have 144,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Oregon City which they house high-tech tools. 

Buck Knives

Buck Knives are headquartered in Post Falls, Idaho. This company has been launched by a Kansas blacksmith named Hoyt Buck. Currently, the company is being managed by 4th generation Buck family members. 

Kershaw and Zero Tolerance Knives

Behind this company is the parent company KAI USA Ltd. They are manufacturing numerous knife models in their factory in Tualatin, Oregon. This company has been founded by Pete Kershaw. The company has been manufacturing hunting knives from their cement plant in Lake Oswego, Oregon manufacturing site. They also have designed knives for professionals in military, law enforcement and first responders. 

Kraft Tool Co

This company has been manufacturing US made tools such as cement finisher, brick mason, asphalt paver, tile setter, plasterer and drywall craftsman. 


This company has introduced their first tractor in the US in 1969. They have manufacturing plants in the US and they are employing over 1,200 American workers.


This company has introduced their Pocket Survival Tool or PST. They also have 13 different tools. This company has sold over one million multi-tools. Their manufacturing plant is based in Portland, Oregon. 

Lenox Tools 

This company begin in 1915. They manufacture hacksaw blades, hand tools, power tool accessories and many more. They are based in East Longmeadow, Massachusetts. They use global materials. 


Makita has been producing products in the US since 1985. Makita has recently added 1 million square feet as their distribution and training center space. They have 10 factories in 8 different nations. 

Malco Tools 

This company has been started by Mark W. Keymer. This company have produced and manufactured numerous specialty tools and are made in Annadale, Minnesota Plant. 

Matco Tools 

This company has sold numerous automotive tools and products. They are a subsidiary of Fortive Corporation. 

Miller Electric MFG 

This company has been manufacturing arc welding products since 1929. They are based in Appleton, WI. They have been manufacturing products such as stick welders, engine-driven welders, plasma cutters, generators and wire feeders. 

Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp 

Milwaukee is a popular brand and its products have been manufactured in the US. They have been producing LED lights, step bits, drill bits for metal, corded SawZalls, large drills, SawZall blades, hole saws, bandsaw and multi-tool blades and levels and squares. 

M.K. Morse 

M.K Morse is known for making blades. Aside from that, they offer cutting application tools which are designed for plumbers, electricians, carpenters, industrial manufacturers and steel service centers. 

Occidental Leather 

This company manufactures high quality leather tool belts, bags and pouches for tradesmen. They are based in Sonoma County, California. 

Proto Tools 

This company was founded by Alphonse Plomb, Jacob Weninger and Charles Williams. They have started as a blacksmith shop which makes chisels in Los Angeles. Proto has a manufacturing plant in Dallas, Texas. They manufacture tools such as sockets, wrenches, drive tools and torque wrenches. 

Ridgid Tools (Emerson)

This company has become part of Emerson Electric. They manufacture jaws, pipe wrenches, threading dyes, roll grooving tools, threaders, hole-cutting tools, pipe cutters, handheld power drives and pipe bevelers. 

Rolair Systems 

This company is based in Wisconsin, Rolair. They offer high quality compressors since 1959. They assemble their portable and stationary air compressors in their facilities in Hustiford, WI. 

SK Tools 

SK Tools has facilities in Colorado Springs, CO. They also have manufacturing and distribution center in Sycamore, IL. All their products are made in the US and they use steel from America. 

Snap-On Tools 

This company started with crude bending jigs. Currently, Snap-On Tools manufactures ratchets, wrenches, roller cabinets, screwdrivers, sandblasters and diagnostic tools. Their manufacturing facility is located in Kenosha, WI. 

Southwire Tools 

This company has been manufacturing products from their facilities in Carrolton, Georgia in 1950. They employ about more than 7,000 employees. They produce products such as wires, cables, hand tools and equipment. 


In 1880, Laroy Sunderland Starett has employed thousands of employees and has manufactured millions of precision tools, gages and saw blades. 

Stihl USA 

This company has been founded by Andreas Stihl in 1926. They have designed two-person electric chain saw. Currently, this company is represented in about 160 countries and has manufactured products for industries in professional forestry and agriculture, landscape maintenance and construction products. 

This company has a manufacturing facility in Virginia and has about 100 different products. 

Titan USA

This company is based in West Springfield, Massachusetts. They have been manufacturing solid carbide, high speed steel and cobalt precision cutting tools for more than 50 years. Their products are 100 percent made in the US. 

Vaughan and Bushnell MFG. Co. 

Vaughan and Bushnell MFG. Co. produces 17 different types of tools such as hammers, picks, mallets, hatchets, nail pullers and pry bars. Their manufacturing site is based in Bushnell, Illinois. 

Viking Drill and Tool 

This company has been operating since 1951. They have produced raw materials to finished cutting products. Their manufacturing facility is based in St. Paul, Minnesota. 

Wilde Tool 

Wilde Tool is another popular brand which has a manufacturing facility in Hiawatha, Kansas. They have been producing 32-degrees nose pliers which offers greater leverage and gripping power. 

Wilton Tools 

Wilton Tools is launched by a Czech immigrant who has based his company in Chicago, IL which in the later years has moved to Carpentersville, IL. Their tools are all made in the US and they produce Wilton Combo Pipe and Bench vises.

Wright Tool 

Wright tool company has been producing and manufacturing high quality hand tools for professionals since 1927. They are based in Barbeton, Ohio. Their products range from wrenches, ratchets, sockets and attachments. They also included precision heat treating and advanced manufacturing techniques to their products. Aside from that, most of their products offer limited lifetime warranty.


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