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Best Tool Chest Reviews

To be declared as the best tool chest, you will have to take into consideration factors such as organization, value, application and size. 

Tool chests are necessity for mechanics, DIYers, home users and contractors. It helps you organize your tools and keep them safe. Aside from that, through a tool chest, you will be able to access your tools easily. 

Best Tool Chests

Our Top Pick

Husky 52-Inch Tool Chest and Rolling Cabinet Combo  

As its name indicates, this tool chest is a combination of a tool chest and a rolling workbench. It comes in beautiful matte black and has 120 pounds support per drawer. Aside from that, it also has a wood tray inset which provides you space to write or have a working surface. Furthermore, this tool chest also provides outlet strips for USB and handy drawer sizes. This tool chest is priced at less than $800.  

Sunex Full Drawer Service Cart

Sunex provides enough amount of storage and is very portable. Its drawers come with soft-close feature. It is very durable and it comes in different colors. This product has a starting price of $669.  

Milwaukee 52-Inch Mobile Work Bench w/Clamp-Ready Top

The Milwaukee 52-inch mobile work bench is considered by many as the best garage tool chest. Its design is hybrid in nature and it could fit any shop or home garage. This product is perfect for DIYers, hobbyist and many more. This work bench comes with a starting price of $798. 

Husky Tool Chests  

The most difficult thing with Husky Tool Chests is that it is too addicting. Its prices are really affordable and it is very useful. Husky comes in options of 36-inch combo, 41-inch and 52-inch. Hence, depending on your need, you could choose whatever size you think would suit you best.  

Sonic Tools S9 Toolbox w/tools

This toolbox is the most affordable. It comes with 285-piece toolbox space which is a great bargain at $3825. It offers a lifetime replacement warranty.  You will not have to worry about your tools moving from one place to another and from getting damaged with foam liners found in every drawer. 

Husky 27-Inch Rolling Cabinet and Tool Chest

This tool chest is coated with anti-scratch which means you will not have to worry about your tool chest looking all damaged. This tool chest is priced at $348. 

Best Way to Organize Your Tool Chest 

  • Maximize Drawer Sizes – tool chests come in different drawer sizes. Hence, when you organize, ensure that you use and maximize all its spaces. 
  • Apply Spray Adhesive on your Drawer Liners – almost all tool chests come with draw liners and the problem with this is that your drawers could slide whenever you open or close them. To avoid this, we recommend that you use spray adhesive. We recommend Gorilla Heavy-Duty spray adhesive but try to avoid getting it on your hands
  • Use foam inserts for your expensive and A-tools – this would ensure that all your tools are safe and would not brush and scratch against each other. 

Things that we have considered in choosing the best tool chests:

  • Durability – we do not want any cheap tool chests that would have any sagging drawers or its materials rusting. 
  • Flexibility and Features – there are some tool chests that have thin drawers which are perfect for small tools. We recommend that you choose one that is flexible in terms of size of the drawers. Choose one that has a mixture of huge drawers and thin drawers for both small and big tools. 
  • Advanced Features – though this is not necessary, it is great to have. An example of this is a safety lockout feature which you could find on Sonic Tool Boxes. This feature lets you open one drawer at a time only. 
  • Value – this is another important factor which you should consider. Investing in a great tool chest is wise. However, this would all boil down to how much you are willing to spend. Based, on our reviews, we highly recommend Husky. 


This concludes our article on best tool chest reviews. We hope that through this article, we were able to provide useful information which will help you make a sound decision which tool chest would suit you best. 


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