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Easy Methods of Cutting a Porcelain Tile

Often times, porcelain tiles are confused with being different from ceramic tiles. However, in reality, porcelain tiles are one of the types of ceramic tiles. They are often used for flooring and walling and it comes with absorption rate of 0.5%. 

The only tiny difference between ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles is that ceramic tiles are made of clay and sand while porcelain tiles are made of a denser type of clay. They are formed through heat and pressure which makes it into porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles. 

The similarity on the other hand is both porcelain and ceramic is that they both use clay but with porcelain, it uses a purer type of clay.

Best Methods for Cutting Porcelain Tile

There are numerous ways of cutting porcelain tiles such as using a regular tile nipper or through an expensive tile cutter. However, one must keep in mind, that each method could require using different types of tools. Moreover, there are methods that are more convenient, faster and even easier to do. Plus, are more less costly when compared with using a wet saw. 

What is a wet tile saw?

A wet tile saw is a tool that has the ability to cut porcelain tiles. However, in terms of price, this type of tool is quite on the bit expensive side. Moreover, whenever you use this type of tool, you would also be required to provide effort. This means, with its price and required effort, this tool is something you would need to invest on. 

This type of tool is perfect for hardcore and professional jobs rather than for regular household jobs. 

Other tools that are often used to cut porcelain tiles

  • Angle Grinder
  • Tile Nipper
  • Wet Tile Saw
  • Wet Wheel 
  • Drill Bit
  • Tile Cutter

Methods in Cutting Porcelain Tiles

Method #1 – Cutting Porcelain Tile Using a Tile Nipper

An excellent type of tool that is perfect for cutting arcs and circular section of tiles is tile nipper which is difficult to use with a wet tile saw. This type of tool is perfect for creating regular cuts. Hence, if you are in the construction industry, you would notice that this type of tool is often being used. The reason behind this is because this type of tool is easy to use and comes with a wide range of functionality. To use this type of tool, all you have to do is follow the steps and guide below:

  • Get the tile that you would need to cut.
  • Score a line by marking the edge which you would like to cut with a cutter.
  • Through the use of a tile nipper, hold the edge center of the marked line and then, apply pressure. 
  • Take small nips
  • Ensure that you do not stress your nipper as it could break.
  • Once you are done nipping, through the use of a rub brick, smoothen the edges. Take in mind that the edges could be sharp, hence, ensure that you practice safety.

Method #2 – Cutting Porcelain Tile Using an Angle Grinder

Another method in cutting a porcelain tile is through the use of an angle grinder. Through an angle grinder you will be able to create multiple cuts in different sizes and shapes such as circle cuts, L cuts, straight cuts, square cuts and many more. Hence, if you are cutting curves, an angle grinder is your best tool. 

  • Mark out the shape of the cut you would like to do on both sides.
  • Follow the shape with your angle grinder. Ensure to add the right amount of pressure. 
  • Do multiple small cuts by turning over your tile
  • Smoothen the edge through the use of an abrasive wheel

Method #3- How to Cut a Porcelain Tile Using Tile Cutter

Through a tile cutter, you could cut ceramic tiles into your preferred size and shape. This type of tool is often used by woodworkers. The reason behind this is because it is fast and easy to use. It is easy to adjust as well. 

To use this tool, all you have to do is follow the steps below:

  • Adjust and lock the guide of the tile cutter
  • Slide the tile into position where you have marked 
  • Put pressure on the tile cutter until the end 
  • Smoothen out the edges 

Method #4 – How to Cut a Porcelain Tile Using a Wet Saw

Wet tile saw could be used on both ceramic and porcelain tiles. The only downside of this tool is it could be expensive and it requires effort when using this tool. When using this tile, ensure that you avoid chipping the porcelain tiles. To do this, all you need to do is follow the steps below:

  • Put your tile saw on the tile with the marking facing the blade
  • Push the tile towards the blade to cut the tile
  • Turn the tool off
  • Flip the tile and turn the tool on again 
  • Cut again

To use a wet saw, follow the steps below:

  • Use a fresh blade
  • Mark a cutting line with the use of a wax pencil
  • Fill the reservoir with water up to the blade dipping. 
  • Adjust your saw
  • Cut the tile 
  • Mark the edges, cut and score the line
  • Apply pressure and score the tile towards down

Method #5 – Cutting Porcelain Tile with a Wet Wheel Diamond

  • Before cutting, ensure that you support the tile 
  • Align the edge with the help of the cutting wheel. 
  • Guide the blade to cut the tile completely
  • Ensure not to put too much pressure as it could chip your tile. 

Method #6 – Cutting Porcelain Tile with a Drill Bit

  • Mark the tile where you would like to drill a hole.
  • Cover with thick tape to prevent chips
  • Fix the tile properly
  • Drill very slowly to cut a hole 

Tips when cutting a porcelain tile

  • Wear protective gear
  • Wear right shoes 
  • Use gloves, goggles and ear protection
  • Be alert
  • Use wood to ensure your fingers are away from the cutting blade
  • Lubricate the saw blade


There are numerous ways to cut a porcelain tile and we hope that through this article, we were able to provide you different options on how to do this. 


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