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Best Gas Weed Eaters

Having problems with weed? Getting rid of it requires hard work. You would need to do some edging, slashing and trimming. Do not worry, a gas weed eater will save you from all the huge effort and will help you save money and time. 

Though battery technology has been in the industry for quite a while, it could not compare to gas engine powered weed eater when it comes to performance. Through this article, we shall feature several models of gas engine powered weed eater. 

Tanaka 26cc

For commercial use, we highly recommend Tanaka 26cc .  It provides excellent performance. It comes with the right size and it is a great buy especially to those who needs to do a lot of weed trimming, slashing and edging. They offer warranty of 7 years. This product is our best overall pick. It provides right amount of power for any type of job such as slashing. Aside from that this product comes with two cycle engines. If you need a high quality gas weed eater, we recommend Tanaka 26cc. 


  • 7-years warranty
  • Powerful engine
  • Commercial rated product


  • 2-cycle engine which needs fuel mixing
  • a bit expensive if you do not use it often

Hitachi 22.5c

If you are looking for value for your money, we suggest to look into Hitachi 22.5cc . It comes with straight shaft trimmers and it offers 7 years warranty. It is a great and worthy alternative. Its engine is smaller than Tanaka’s and it comes with a very long shaft with 60 inches long. Hence, if you are tall, you no longer have to crouch down and experience backaches. 


  • Great value for money
  • Good length drive shaft
  • Awesome warranty
  • Light


  • Not suitable for heavy duty work
  • The length could be problematic for shorter people

Husqvarna 324L

The Husqvarna 324L is what we consider as the best 4 cycle option. It provides great power and it is easy to maintain. Take note, however, that a 4 cycle engine would contribute to the increase in weight.  In fact, it weighs 3.18 kg heavier than Hitachi’s. This product allows extra torque which helps you in cutting through heavy foliage. 


  • Engine has a good size and solid power output
  • Easy to start
  • No need to mix fuel


  • Heavier than two cycle options
  • Not very responsive
  • Expensive
  • Has shorter warranty

Echo GT-225

The Echo GT- 225 on the other hand is perfect for commercial use. It is very responsive. It is durable and powerful as well. It is light and powerful. If you are looking for a balance between power and weight, we recommend Echo GT-225. It also has a 5 year warranty. 


  • Easy to use
  • Has a good size engine
  • Lightweight


  • Limited to light work
  • Does not have any attachment options

Comparison of Best Gas Weed Eaters

Hitachi CG23ECPSL

Price: not available

Warranty: 7 years for body life time on drive shaft

Two Cycle or Four Cycle: two cycle

Engine Size CC:  22.5

Fuel Capacity in Ounces: 14.5

Weight in Pounds: 10.3

Sound Level (DB): 100

Drive Shaft Length (Inches): 60

Cutting width (Inches): 15

Line Feed Type: SEMI AUTO

Husqvarna 128LD  

Price: not available 

Warranty: 2 years limited

Two Cycle or Four Cycle: two Cycle

Engine Size CC: 28

Fuel Capacity in Ounces: 13.44

Weight in Pounds: 10.8

Sound Level (DB):N/A

Drive Shaft Length (Inches): 56.9

Cutting width (Inches): 17

Line Feed Type: BUMP

Tanaka TCG27EBSP  

Price: $380.21 

Warranty: 7 years

Two Cycle or Four Cycle: two cycle

Engine Size CC: 26.9

Fuel Capacity in Ounces: 17.6

Weight in Pounds: 11.2

Sound Level (DB): N/A

Drive Shaft Length (Inches): N/A

Cutting width (Inches): 17

Line Feed Type: BUMP

Echo SRM-2620T

Price: not available

Warranty: 5 years

Two Cycle or Four Cycle: two cycle

Engine Size CC: 25.4

Fuel Capacity in Ounces: 21

Weight in Pounds:12.5

Sound Level (DB): N/A

Drive Shaft Length (Inches): 59

Cutting width (Inches): 17

Line Feed Type: Speed Feed

Ryobi RY253SS  

Price: $139.80

Warranty: 3 Years

Two Cycle or Four Cycle: two cycle

Engine Size cc: 25

Fuel Capacity in Ounces: 18

Weight in Pounds: 12.2

Sound Level (DB): 97

Drive Shaft Length (Inches): 44

Cutting width (Inches): 18

Line Feed Type: BUMP

Echo GT-255  

Price: $ 244.96

Warranty: 5 years

Two Cycle or Four Cycle: two cycle 

Engine Size CC: 21.2

Fuel Capacity in Ounces: 14.2

Weight in Pounds:10

Sound Level  (DB):N/A 

Drive Shaft Length (Inches):48

Cutting width (Inches): 16

Line Feed Type: SEMI Automatic

Husqvarna 324L  

Price: $332. 60

Warranty: 2 years

Two Cycle or Four Cycle: four cycle

Engine size: 25

Fuel Capacity in Ounces: 18.5

Weight in Pounds: 17

Sound Level (DB): N/A

Drive Shaft Length (Inches):58.5

Cutting width (Inches):18

Line Feed Type: Semi Auto

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Weed Eater 

  • Engine Size vs. Weight – gas powered is amazing option in getting rid of weeds. However, take in mind that the bigger the engine the heavier it will be. Tanaka weighs about 11 pounds and this could be difficult when you are maneuvering your machine. 
  • Right Fit – you will have to find the right fit to your stature. If you are small to medium in size, we recommend bent shaft. If you want something light, we recommend electric type options. 
  • Shaft length – if you are tall a short gas weed eater could be uncomfortable. This is also true if you are short and the length of your shaft is long, it would be difficult to use. 

What is the difference between curved and straight shaft?

Bent shaft trimmers are shorter and lighter. They are perfect for domestic use. Straight shaft on the other hand are heavier and have more power. 

Get the right trimmer head – there are some trimming head which comes with the machine that you purchase. Unfortunately, they are not really that good. Hence, if you have extra budget, then, we suggest to get top of the line trimmer head. If you are using Tanaka, we suggest Shindaiwa trimmer head

What is Trimmer Line Used for?

This is used in weed eaters. It is usually stored in head on the end of a weed whacker. It is perfect for trimming weed around the trees and buildings.

How Does a Bump Feed Work?

A bump feed would allow you to extend trimmer line by bumping the head on the ground during use or while the head is spinning. 

Safety Considerations

  • Wear eye protection
  • Know who and what is around you while working
  • Though the weed eater is not dangerous, its blade attachments are
  • Gas engines could heat fast. Ensure you check the temperature once awhile 
  • Wear good footwear.


Using a right gas weed eater is easy. We hope that through this article, we were able to provide you useful information which you could use in choosing the best gas weed eater. 


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