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Best Benchtop Jointers for Your Workshop

Having a benchtop jointer could make a huge difference and help when it comes to woodworking, no matter if you are an amateur or a professional. However, choosing the best benchtop jointer could be difficult and frustrating with numerous choices and options found on the market. It could even be very overwhelming. Hence, we have decided to create a list of best models and brands which could help you make a sound decision when choosing the best benchtop jointer. 

Top Quick Picks

Best Benchtop Jointers

Cutech 40180H-CT 8” Bench Jointer

If you have a small shop or doing a single project, Cutech 40180H-CT is a perfect option. It could handle up to 8-inches easily and it comes with aluminum fence which means it is stable. This could help you do clean cuts. 

  • Has powerful 10 Amp 120V motor
  • The spiral cutterhead has 16 HSS Inserts for a great finish and reduced chip evacuation
  • Fence could be tilted anywhere between 90 to 135 degrees
  • Adjustable level and tension 
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Good value for money
  • Easy and quick to set up
  • Stable 
  • The fence could be finicky

Porter-Cable PC160JT 6” Bench Jointer  

  • Comes with a variable speed of 6000 to 11000 RPM
  • Has two knife cutter head with jack screw knife which are easy to adjust and replace
  • Extra-large table which provides work support
  • Built-in cutter head lock which allows knife replacement and adjustment
  • Center mounted fence 
  • Good value for your money
  • Good alternative option
  • Variable speed allows its user to select his/her preferred speed for size and hardness of the material
  • Not recommended for large cut depths
  • Not recommended for professional woodworker

WEN 6560 6” Benchtop Jointer

This benchtop jointer is perfect for professionals. It is not for those who are just beginning or starting out as it takes time for one to learn how to use this tool. This tool comes with power blade and is easy to use once you get used or hang of it. 

  • The table is wide and spacious, allowing you to put any sized piece of wood on top
  • The 10 Amp motor will run at 20,000 cuts per minute
  • An adjustable fence can move up to 45 degrees in either direction
  • Receive a dust port, filter bag, push stick and push block with your purchase
  • The base is made from cast iron to prevent movement and excessive vibration
  • Affordable
  • Cuts straight
  • Sharp blades
  • Strong fence
  • Unclear instructions
  • If you are a beginner, it would be difficult for you
  • Difficult to adjust fence

Grizzly G0725 Benchtop Jointer

This benchtop jointer is for those who have experience. The learning curve in using this benchtop jointer could be difficult and steep. It is perfect for doing clean cuts and it is very sturdy. Through this benchtop jointer, your productivity would surely increase. 

  • The motor runs at 1-1/2 HP, 110V, single phase
  • Comes cast iron table
  • Cutterhead speed caps at 10,000 RPM
  • Has enough power to handle big jobs
  • Includes a built-in dust collection system and 2-1/2-inch dust port
  • Solid construction
  • Made of real steel
  • Great cut quality
  • Underneath adjustment for infeed table
  • Difficult to adjust blades

Shop Fox W1829 Bench Jointer

If you are just a beginner, this bench jointer is perfect for you. It is easy to use and easy to make clean cuts. Aside from that, you do not need to worry about clogs with this bench jointer. It is stable as well. The only downside of this bench jointer is that it is heavy. 


  • Uses 1-1/2 horsepower, 110V, is 12 Amps and is single-phase
  • Cutter head speed goes at 10,000 RPM, with 20,000 cuts per minute
  • Comes with two-knife HSS cutter head and fully adjustable fence
  • Comes with 2-1/2-inch dust port
  • Includes free pair of safety push blocks and a dust collection fan and bag
  • Provides clean cuts
  • Automatic dust port
  • Strong performance motor
  • Difficult to use due to infeed and outfeed tables are not flat
  • Fence is tough

Rikon Power Tools 20-600H 6” Benchtop Jointer  

Rikon is easy to use. It is easy to learn and manage. It is perfect for small projects and it could provide you precise cuts. 

  • Includes a helical cutter head with 12 two-sided inserts
  • The fence is larger
  • Tilts from 90 to 135 degrees
  • Safety on and off switch 
  • Made entirely of metal with machined aluminum tables
  • Includes two adjustable push blocks to make the work safe and quick
  • Quieter than some other options out there.
  • Easy to use 
  • Small enough to handle precise cuts on small projects.
  • Shavings could clog

Powertec BJ600 Tabletop Jointer  

Other benchtop jointers come with issues with quality control. However, with Powertec BJ600, you do not need to worry about this. They offer smooth and clean end results. It is stable as well. 

  • Easy to remove wood chips through its built-in dust collection system 
  • Fence, infeed and outfeed tables are made with cast iron
  • Comes with safety power switch lock
  • Runs on 120V with 12 Amps
  • Sharp blades
  • Chip collector
  • Difficult calibration procedures

What to consider when buying a benchtop jointer?

Bench Type

This would depend on the type of woodwork you will be working on. You will also have to consider if you plan to bring it with you wherever you go or do you plan to just use it in one place, are you using it for simple wood cutting or complex wood cutting?

Size of Jointer

This is another factor you need to consider. Do you need big space to store your jointer? Or would you rather choose one that allows you to store in a smaller space. Would you need one that comes with more accessories, if yes, then, you would need bigger space. Take in mind that average jointers would and could accept about 6 inches of width. 

Cutter Head 

This is the rotating cylindrical blade which is located at the center of the jointer. It spins and when the blades get in contact with the wood, it shaves the protruding areas. Cutter heads have different shapes and sizes. It could cut different degrees of lumber. On average jointer would have dual blades. 

Cutter Depth 

This is another important factor that you would need to consider. It provides you the option to adjust your blade. If your jointer does not have the ability to adjust blade, then it could affect the outcome of your woodwork. 


This is considered as the force applied. The ideal motor would be at least 1 HP or higher. The higher your HP is the more you will be able to cut smoothly and cleanly. 

Benefits of a Benchtop Jointer 

Practical Replacement 

If most of the time you work on smaller pieces and you have limited space, benchtop jointer is ideal as a replacement of a full sized jointer. Its motor power and portability are comparable and it only weighs around 70 to 100 lbs. 

Affordable price tag 

Benchtop jointers are more affordable and it does not sacrifice quality. 

Noise output efficiency 

You could work at home and would give you peace of mind as it does not produce loud noisy sounds. 

Serious motor power 

Through their motor power, you could be assured that you could produce perfect clean edges. 


As mentioned earlier a benchtop jointer weighs around 70-100lbs which is light enough to move around your workshop or different work location sites. 

Same functionality 

Comes with powerful motor which gives you high quality flattening of wood. They are reliable. 

Easy maintenance 

It comes in smaller sizes which means it is easy to maintain. 

Faster learning experience 

It is easy to use not only for professionals but also for new users. It is comfortable to work with even within a limited space. 


Should I buy a benchtop jointer, long bed jointer or closed stand jointer?

If you do not have much space for storing, then, we highly recommend benchtop jointer. Long bed jointer requires more space to stand on while closed stand jointers are huge and would be perfect for bigger types of projects. 

What are the components of a jointer?

A jointer comes with a table, fence, blades and dust collection system. Fence is a guide for woods, blades flattens the surface of your wood while a dust collection system works as cleaner. 

How do you feed wood into jointer?

Ensure that your lumber is firm and flat against the fence, guide the wood slowly through the infeed and wait for it to exit the outfeed. 

How do you maintain a benchtop jointer?

You will need to use mineral spirits after using the jointer. Apply wax and wipe the mineral spirits on the rollers and the grip. Clean the head cutter and rollers with shop vac to remove all debris and wood shavings. 


We hope that through this article, we were able to provide you useful information which could guide you in choosing the best benchtop jointer. 


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