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Best Battery Chainsaw Reviews 2021

A few years ago, there weren’t many battery-powered chainsaw models that could surpass gas powered saws. Fortunately, nowadays there are numerous battery-powered chainsaw models that could meet and even exceed the performance of 16 and 18-inch chainsaw models. 

Best Battery-powered Chainsaw for pros 

Husqvarna 540i XP 40V 16-inch Chainsaw

This model is considered as one of the best cordless chainsaw for professionals. It comes with a balance of power and weight. It has 40cc power and it uses standard battery pack or switch over to a battery backpack. This cordless chainsaw is priced at $589 for 14-inch bar and $599 for 16-inch bar. 

Best Cordless Chainsaw for Home Use

Ego CS1800 56V 18-inch Chainsaw

This chainsaw does not sacrifice its power for its size/weight. It has a balance of performance and weight. It is an 18-inch bar and has an excellent power with long runtime. Its batteries are up to 10.0Ah. This chainsaw is priced at $389. 

Best Battery Top Handle Chainsaw 

Makita XCU08 18V X2 (36V) Top Handle Chainsaw

This chainsaw is designed for experienced chainsaw users. It is a perfect gas replacement chainsaw which comes with a lower price. This chainsaw is offered with 14-inch bar and 16-inch bar. It is priced at $399 for bare and $449 with two 5.0Ah batteries and charger. 

Best Battery Pole Saw 

Stihl 36V Cordless KombiSystem with Pole Saw Attachment 

This battery powered chainsaw is one of the most favorites by many. It is versatile and it provides value for your money. This chainsaw comes with a cordless pole saw and comes with an attachment of 12-inch bar and chain. The only downside of this chainsaw is that it is a bit on the expensive side. 

Best Small Battery- Powered Chainsaw 

DeWalt DCCS620P1 20V Max Compact Cordless Chainsaw

This chainsaw is popular especially to contractors. They are also perfect not only for jobsites but also for homeowners. This chainsaw is easy to manage. It comes with 12-inch bar and chain. It comes with a price of $149 bare and $229 kit with 5.0Ah battery and charger. 

Best Battery Pruner 

Milwaukee 2527 M12 Fuel Hatchet 6-inch Pruner

This chainsaw is a 6-inch bar which allows you to cut branches that could be cut by heavier standard chainsaw. Aside from that, it has an auto-oiler and it is priced at $179 for bare and $249 for 4.0Ah battery and charger. 

Best Value Cordless Chainsaw 

Greenworks 2015402 Pro 60V 18-inch chainsaw

This chainsaw has an amazing performance with its 18-inch bar. It offers a lot of runtime with its 4.0Ah battery. Its regular price is at $299.99. 

Best Cheap Battery Chainsaw

Hart HLCS011 40V 14-inch Chainsaw Kit

If you are on a budget, this chainsaw is perfect for you. This chainsaw kit is priced below $200. It comes with high quality built and is perfect for limbing and felling smaller tress. It offers 3- year warranty. 

How we choose the best battery chainsaw 

Performance regardless of voltage

One thing you will need to understand is that the battery voltage does not determine the power output of your cordless tools. Lithium-ion cordless tools use electronics to regulate their battery output. As for brushless motors, they are controlled by computer chips which converts voltage to prioritize current levels needed. Though there are mixed voltages, amp-hour ratings, we surely would not consider sacrificing the performance of any chainsaw that we have featured here in this article. 

Runtime is Huge Deal 

Another important factor is runtime. The more runtime you have on a single battery charge, the better and lesser hassle. If you wish to work without waiting to charge, we suggest that you look for rapid chargers. If you are looking for the best chainsaw, we suggest that you look for one that has a great balance between cutting speed, runtime and efficient use of battery.

Cordless Chainsaw Testing Methods 

As mentioned above, we have considered power, power source, efficiency and runtime of each chainsaw. We have tested it on combination of real world and controlled scenario and we could say one of the most important benefits for using cordless chainsaw is it is quieter and you do not have to worry about inhaling dangerous exhaust. 

Best Battery Powered Cordless Chainsaw Details that we check and look for 


Most chainsaws usually come in similar forms. This means they have similar or the same operational features. However, cordless chainsaws differ in terms of their switches and triggers. All saws have UL and certification on them. They have been tested in different variations of acceptable safety trigger standard. There are some that uses two-step triggers. Others use single step trigger where they use single grasp around the lockout button. 

Electronic Safeties 

Two step lockout are not difficult to operate but they ensure safety and protection. Just ensure and be familiar with your chainsaw if it is single grab or it has auto timeout feature. 

Alerts and Feedback 

Electronic switches often come with warning alerts. They have LED ready lights which glow and sometimes they come with chirps whenever you turn them on. There are also some where you could see separate warning lights. 

Ease of Adjustment 

Chainsaws usually need to be adjusted every time you use them. Take in mind that a new chain stretches out quickly. Hence, you will need to keep it snug to keep it from breaking. An important tip: make it into habit of loosening your chain at the end of the day. Take in mind that when it is cold, your chain could tighten and could damage some of the parts of your chainsaw. 

Dual Studs vs Tool-free Adjusters 

Chainsaws with tool-free adjusters usually use single stud which is often attached to the bar of the saw. Manual adjusting models on the other hand have two mounting studs which means this type of chainsaw is designed for professionals.

Tip: ensure to snug the nuts evenly. 

Don’t lose your nuts!

Lost bar nuts happen when you regularly use your chainsaw in the field. Hence, to prevent this, there are some manufacturers that has added captive nuts that won’t vibrate off. 

Tip: Keep a spare nut on hand. There is a possibility that you might lose one of your nuts in the field. 

Bars and Chains

Most chainsaws do not create their own bars and chains. Some of them get the specialized common Oregon components. 

A Built-in Chain Sharpener?

Yes, you have read it right. Oregon comes with a special 91 PS Powersharp chain. It works with its built-in semi-automatic sharpener. 

Oiling Systems 

Oil Visibility 

Battery-powered chainsaw come with translucent windows. This means, you will not have any problems in estimating your oil in the oil tank. 

Ease of Filling Matters 

Another thing that you have to consider is how easy it is to fill oil reservoir. After all, you would not like to have oily fingers. Ensure to check for oil caps with lugs which are easy to turn even with your gloves on. Be careful whenever you fill your chainsaw! You would not want your oil cap going inside your tank.


One of the reasons for spills is due to filler neck being too narrow. This could be a challenge most of the time. Hence, when choosing a chainsaw, ensure to check this one out. 

Environmental sidetrack: Try Biodegradable bar and chain oil 

We highly suggest and recommend to check biodegradable bar and chain oil. This way you could minimize your exposure of petroleum oil on your clothing, skin and even the gas that you breathe in. Do not worry, it is easy to find bio-oil brands. 

Tips to Avoid Leaking or Spilling Oil 

  • Poke a little hole in the foil sealing of your gallon oil bottle. This way you have a small opening for the oil to pass through. 
  • When you store your chainsaw, put a piece of cardboard underneath your chainsaw. This way it would not be too messy when oil leaks from your chainsaw. 

Bucking Spikes 

Bucking spikes usually are found against the body of your chainsaw. It is usually alongside the bar and anchor. This allows you to apply lifting motion of the rear hand instead of pushing downward. This way you could exert the maximum pulling power and helps you minimize cutting vibrations.

Tip: Apply leverage with spikes will help you gain more control. Go easy and listen to the motor as you could overload the battery with too much pressure. 

Variable Speeds and Chain Coast-Down

For you to have smooth cuts, you will have to have high chain speed. With this feature, you will have to check if you could rely on coast down brake which you could rely on. This way you would be assured of additional safety. 

Ergonomic Factors 


Comfort is another advantage which you would want to have when handling your chainsaw. For battery-powered chainsaws, it is important to have a balanced feel in your hands and also for your chainsaw to have the ability to cut straight. 

Cutting Sideways

Being able to cut sideways is more about providing you comfort in applying force. This helps you operate with ease. 


Chainsaws usually have thicker handles which provides comfort in grasping your chainsaw. 

Tigger Comfort 

Triggers are usually created large. This way two of your fingers could fit. Hence if you have long trigger, you will have more room for your grip. 


Best battery chainsaws could weigh as light as 12 pounds to 15 pounds. Though weight is not as importance as balance. But this factor is good to consider especially if you are carrying it around and positioning it. This could be a factor especially when you are working a long day. 

Kitted and Available Batteries 

We recommend that you check the full range a manufacturer has available batteries for your chainsaw. We suggest check big batteries which will provide you more efficiency. 


Power is often measured in watts. The lower voltage means it would have to produce more amps. Hence chainsaws with 40cc gas power perform at 18V, 36V and 60V. In other words, power is a combination of volts and amps. 


Another important thing to note is the discrepancy between amp-hour and watt-hour ratings. Take in mind that Volts x Amp Hours = Watt hours. This is same as for power. This is the easiest way to compare available energy of batteries. 

Nominal Differences

When you charge lithium-ion battery, you could reach maximum voltage. Once you use it, it will slightly lower voltage which is called nominal voltage. It is where your batter spends its working life. Brands usually have this on display. Hence, you will see information such as 60V Max. This means its battery could settle into a 54V nominal voltage. 

Best Battery-Powered Chainsaw Accessories 

Blade Guards and Cases 

Chainsaws usually come with basic plastic scabbards. This accessory is created to protect the chain and at the same time protect you from the chain. There are also optional tip guards which you could use for safer operation. 

Buy into A System

Another consideration which you should think about is which system of battery-powered OPE your chainsaw belongs to. Cordless tools usually offer bare tools which provides you more savings compared to kits. Some brands come with battery packs with higher amp-hour rating which could provide boost in runtime. There are also some huge batteries which are sold as an upgrade of tools such as lawnmowers, etc. 

Look at the Entire Model Lineup

If you have not yet bought one, we suggest for you to check out their entire lineup and check which items you would like to include in your wish list. For example, the model of the chainsaw you wish to purchase. 


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